Firmware Friday: Fuj X-E3, X-H1, Yi Camera get compatibility fixes; Nikon updates Win/Mac software


posted Friday, September 7, 2018 at 10:58 PM EST


Our Firmware Friday roundup this week is unusually brief, with news of just three firmware updates and three software patches in the past seven days. Unless you're shooting with the Fuji X-E3 or X-H1, Yi M1 or a Nikon camera, you can skip right on to the next story. (We'd suggest checking out our Canon EOS R gallery images here, instead.)

For those of you who're still with us, let's move right along and find out what's new!

Fuji X-E3 and X-H1

Starting off with Fujifilm, the company has updates for two of its compact system cameras this week. Firmware version 1.22 for the Fuji X-E3 (download here) and version 1.12 for the X-H1 (download here) both improve stability with certain, unspecified wireless routers. No other changes are made.

Nikon NRW Codec, Picture Control Utility, ViewNX-i

Nikon's updates this week are entirely on the software front, rather than in firmware. In all, the company has released patches for NRW codec (download here), Picture Control Utility 2 (download here) and ViewNX-i (download here). Per the official release notes, changes for each are as follows:

  • Picture Control Utility 2.4.0 (Windows / Mac)

    • Added support for the Z 7.

    • Added support for “NP3” custom Picture Controls.

    • Made the following changes:

      • Changed the name of the Nikon 1 category in Product > Add Product to Mirrorless Cameras.

      • Except when the software is launched from Camera Control Pro 2, the Adjust Preview settings last in effect in Picture Control Utility 2 are now recalled when next you launch the software.

      • The Active D Lighting settings in effect when pictures were taken are now preserved in pictures imported using Change Preview Image.

      • Selecting Window > Reset Layout no longer resets the preview image.

      • The Share display last in effect is now recalled when next you launch the software.

      • The Date/Time Created sort option has been removed from List: Picture Controls.

      • Changes to Histogram are now visible only when Reflect Changes is enabled.

      • Ended support for Mac OS X 10.10.5.

  • NRW Codec 1.8.0 (Windows)

    • Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Windows Photo Viewer now display the previews embedded in NRW (RAW) images.

  • ViewNX-i 1.3.0 (Windows / Mac)

    • Added support for the Z 7, D3500, and COOLPIX P1000.

    • Added a Diffraction Compensation feature and updated Latest Picture Control for the Z 7.

    • Convert Files now shows the projected post-conversion file size.

    • Added support for movies over 4 GB in size.

    • Filter and sort operations can now be performed on pictures protected using ViewNX-i.

    • Web Service no longer supports Facebook.

    • Options > Movies > Play > Favor frame rate is now enabled by default. (Windows only)

Yi M1

Finally for this roundup, we come to the Yi M1, also known as the Yi Camera. The company has just released firmware version 3.2.-int, superceding the nine-month old v3.1-int. The only change made is a fix for issues with previewing images on iOS 11. You can download the update here.

And that's all for this week! Check back next time for more firmware news...

(Camera parts image courtesy of Kelly Hofer / Flickr; used under a Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0 license. Image has been modified from the original.)