7 simple adjustments and edits you can do in Lightroom to transform your photographs


posted Monday, September 10, 2018 at 10:30 AM EDT


There are many ways to edit your photos, but a particularly popular choice for photographers is using Adobe Lightroom. There are currently a couple of Lightroom options, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, with the latter RAW editor and photo organizing software being the one most photographers are used to. Of course image capture is a very important part of the overall photographic process, but for many of us, editing is a critical component as well. In the video below, photographer Nigel Danson offers up seven simple Lightroom tips to help you transform your photos.

Depending on the situation and type of image, you will often go through a different creative editing process, but there will likely be certain steps you always want to go through for every photograph. For Danson, there are seven things he always does. First, you ought to start with the basics. Lightroom comes with a lot of built-in lens corrections tools, you should try to process your images with these default corrections enabled, which can be done in the Lens Corrections section of the Develop module. You can also create your own lens correction presets if you have a lens that’s not in Adobe’s database, but most cases, corrections will either be built into your raw files or in the software already. After this, we have a good starting point to begin adjusting sliders and curves. To see Danson’s full Lightroom editing process, check out his video below.

(Via Nigel Danson