Nikon Z7 First Shots: Lab sample images with a final-production camera


posted Friday, September 14, 2018 at 11:10 AM EDT

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Although we've already had hands-on with the new Nikon Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera, as well as posted some real-world images and sample videos, so far everything's been from a pre-production or prototype version of the camera. Well, at last, we've gotten our hands on a final production review unit and now have sample images from our testing lab. Our classic "First Shots" series offers a look at the camera's image quality across its full ISO range, which in the case of the Z7 is quite a healthy expanse, going from an expanded low of ISO 32 up to an impressive ISO 102,400. As always, there are straight-from-camera JPEGs (with default noise reduction and with NR processing disabled) as well as RAW files available for download so you can easily compare full-size images. 

Of course, you can also use our handy Comparometer to quickly pull up side-by-side comparisons of test images from the Z7 against almost every other camera we've reviewed.

Sporting a 45.7MP full-frame sensor, the Nikon Z7's most direct competitor is Nikon's own D850, which also uses a 45MP imager and offers the same ISO range. When it comes to other brands, perhaps the most apt rival would be the popular Sony A7R III, which offers a similar 42MP full-frame sensor. With top-notch image quality, the A7R III is sure to give the Z7 a run for its money.

Feel free to jump straight to our Nikon Z7 Samples Page to view all of our lab images, or indulge us down below as we do a quick comparison between the Z7 and the D850 and Sony A7R III, at both base ISOs and ISO 6400.

Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon D850

Base ISO (ISO 64): Nikon Z7 (left) vs. Nikon D850 (right)
ISO 6400: Nikon Z7 (left) vs. Nikon D850 (right)


Nikon Z7 vs. Sony A7R III

Base ISO: Nikon Z7 (left, ISO 64) vs. Sony A7R III (right, ISO 100)
ISO 6400: Nikon Z7 (left) vs. Sony A7R III (right)

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