Fuji GFX 50R First Impressions: Gallery and hands-on time with a new instant classic


posted Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 11:27 AM EDT


When we were first informed of a new rangefinder-styled medium format offering from Fuji, we looked at each other with major curiosity on our faces. Given the reader interest here on our site since the announcement to the camera world just yesterday, we gather we're not the only ones intrigued by this new offering!

Starting with a simpler body design, and shaving a full $1500 off the pricetag compared to the GFX 50S, yet still promising all of the storied image quality, the allure-factor is easy to understand. Medium Format has a rich history in photography, but has historically been beyond the reach of the masses in terms of price.

Our Fuji GFX 50R sample is just a prototype, but we were given permission to bring you both Still Life lab images as well as real world photos from the field. We only had a few days with it prior to launch, so I kept it by my side all weekend, and have both a full gallery as well as some initial notes on performance and handling to share.

1/500s / f/2 / ISO 100 / GF 100mm f/2 lens

1/250s / f/3.6 / ISO 125 / GF 100mm f/2 lens

1/2000s / f/2.5 / ISO 100 / GF 100mm f/2 lens

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GFX 50R First ImpressionsGallery