Nigel Danson on how to manage colors and produce good images from camera to print


posted Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 5:00 AM EST


We’ve discussed color management here on Imaging Resource before because it’s an important topic and one with which many photographers, myself included, have struggled with at different times. We want to take beautiful images and sometimes, we want to turn those photos into beautiful prints to hang in our own home, sell or give to friends and family. We want our prints to look very similar to how the photograph looks on the computer, but that can sometimes prove much more challenging than expected.

Photographer Nigel Danson has created a new video about taking your image from camera to print and managing your colors along the way. Color management is an important part of making a nice print and while it is possible to make a good print without performing basic color management, it is much more difficult. The most important reason for a color management workflow is that it creates consistency and reliability in your capture to print process.

In Danson’s video, he shows us how to set up your monitor and printer correctly so that your final prints have accurate colors and brightness. A common issue is that photographers have their monitors set too brightly, which results in unexpectedly dark prints. By following Danson’s advice, you can avoid this problem. Plus, you can learn how to calibrate a monitor and ensure you have your files set up correctly for printing.

(Via Nigel Danson