We take a look at the Nikon Z6’s video quality (hint: it looks really good!)


posted Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 12:50 PM EDT

See our Nikon Z6 Video Quality First Impressions



Last week we had the opportunity to shoot with the new Nikon Z6 for the first time, and aside from a huge gallery of sample images you can peruse, we also captured a lot of video with the camera. Nikon is positioning the Z6 as a more well-rounded camera that is easier for those new to mirrorless to get into, and that meant beefing up the video recording capability of the camera.

While the Z7 is more of a high-megapixel machine, the Z6 uses its smaller-res 24.5 megapixel sensor with greater effect when it comes to video. Because it has fewer pixels, Nikon was able to give the Z6 the ability to capture full frame 4K video without pixel binning or line skipping, meaning that on paper it looked like the Z6 was capable of capturing outstanding quality. We're happy to report that it appears to also be the case in practice, and the new N-Log mode is one of the best profiles we've graded in quite some time. 


In our video, which you can find here, we show you how the video looks in different environments, how the camera captures different framerates, and how the new N-Log looks straight out of camera as well as how it looks after it has been color graded. This is just part one of our video performance coverage of the Z6, so check back soon when we publish our full review of the camera and its capabilities as a video capture device.

• Nikon Z6 Video Quality First Impressions