From a mountaintop in the Faroe Islands, Nigel Danson shares two simple tips for success


posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 8:30 PM EDT


Photographer Nigel Danson's videos are often focused on different techniques you can use, both in the field and when editing your images, to improve your landscape and nature photography. Oftentimes, his videos go behind the scenes and his latest video, shot in the Faroe Islands, showcases one of the most beautiful and rugged places on earth.

While there are practical tips, of course, including the importance of planning ahead for sunrise and scouting compositions ahead of time and how to set up your gear for a high-quality panorama, the video below also highlights the best aspect of landscape photography, the landscapes themselves. If you are too busy shooting to fully enjoy the beauty around you, I think that the final quality of your work will suffer for it.

"I want to remember this, I really do," Danson remarked from the peak of a mountain after finishing shooting sunrise. There are two things that have fueled Danson as an artist and helped him improve as a photographer, passion and hard work. With those two things, you can achieve a lot. It may seem obvious, but there is no substitute for hard work when trying to become a better photographer, or become better at anything in life, and there's no better way to make hard work more palatable than being passionate about whatever it is you're doing.

(Via Nigel Danson