Adding a sense of motion to still images with camera panning


posted Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 8:30 AM EDT


To create a sense of motion in your photographs, you can use a panning technique. This involves using a slow shutter speed and then moving your camera such that you keep your subject in essentially the same location of the frame during the duration of the exposure. By utilizing this technique, you can keep your subject sharp while the background becomes blurred with the motion. It’s a very popular technique when photographing vehicles, and you’ll see it utilized in many motorsports images.

In the video below, Mango Street shows off how camera panning works and different ways you can practice the technique. This an important consideration, as it is a challenging technique which requires practice and patience. You will want to choose a shutter speed long enough to create a sense of motion but not so slow that you can’t hold the camera steady as you follow your subject. If you move up and down too much as you are panning, your subject will become blurry. It takes a lot of practice to learn at what speed you should move the camera based on the subject.

(Via Adorama