5 things you need to start capturing long exposure photographs


posted Monday, January 28, 2019 at 7:30 AM EDT


Long exposure photography is an exciting twist on standard landscape photography. With the right camera settings, and in some cases the aid of very strong neutral density filters, you can capture images with very slow shutter speeds even in bright daytime conditions. By doing this, you can smooth moving water and even capture the movement of clouds across the sky. The end result can be a surreal and dramatic image.

There are challenges associated with long exposure photography, however, especially for beginners. In the video below, photographer Attilio Ruffo discusses five things you need to start long exposure photography. Long exposure photography has become a signature style for Ruffo, so he is definitely an expert of the craft. What do you need to get started? In addition to a camera and lens (Ruffo recommends a full-frame camera, but it is not a necessity), you will want a strong neutral density filter, such as a Lee Big Stopper. If you are going to be capturing images with long shutter speeds, sometimes multiple minutes long, you will need a sturdy and stable tripod. Finally, you will want to use a remote shutter release of some kind, whether it is wired or wireless is up to you and depends on your camera. For the full breakdown of Ruffo's tips, watch the video below. For more videos from Attilio Ruffo, head over to his YouTube channel.

(Via Attilio Ruffo