Let’s all take a close look at the focusing capability of the Sony A6400


posted Monday, February 11, 2019 at 1:15 PM EDT


Sony a6400 Field Test 1Overview

Several weeks ago, Sony hosted a media event for their new A6400 digital camera and firmware updates to the A9. There was quite a lot to unpack about the two cameras, and we did our best to explain the overarching technology in a piece published last week. This week, we want to take a deep dive specifically about the implementation of that technology in the A6400. Obviously it's taken us a while to process the experiences we had with it, but we hope that in that time we were able to provide the best encapsulation of what this camera's focusing is capable of, and what to expect in different environments. 

Viewfinder lag plagues the A6400, so feedback to the shooter will often make you feel like you missed a shot, even if its perfect, and vice versa.

Though extremely impressive as a technology concept and it's use in the high-end A9 was laudable, the experience on the lower-end A6400 wasn't quite as rosy. With considerably less processing power and a slower sensor read speed, the A6400 struggled to offer the same experience as the A9 in practice, despite the expectations set by the public Sony marketing presentation. Don't get us wrong, it's still quite good for an entry-level camera (if you consider $1000 entry-level), but it's obvious there are certain hardware requirements necessary for truly excellent implementation that are lacking in the A6400. 

Come with us as we take a very close look at the A6400's focusing capabilities in this, our first Field Test with the latest digital camera from Sony. 

Sony a6400 Field Test 1Overview