How to realistically change eye color in Photoshop


posted Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 8:30 AM EST


Have you ever wanted to change someone's eye color in Photoshop? Well, now you can do so easily with the help of Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid. Through the use adjustment layers and masking, you can change eye color while achieving natural-looking, realistic results.

The first step is to paint a simple selection of the eyes using Photoshop's Quick Selection mode. It is worth noting here that since we are aiming to create a believable result, we will ultimately want to ensure that any color shifting is applied exclusively to the iris itself and not to catchlights in the eyes. Once we have our rough selections, we want to add a black and white adjustment layer. The irises will now be unsaturated. Now we want to add a hue/saturation adjustment layer to add color back in. Once you've selected the desired hue, you should greatly decrease saturation. Dodson typically sets it to under 10. You will want to be similarly subtle with adding a little bit of lightness to the eyes. To see how to finish the process of changing eye color, watch Dodson's full video below. For more content from tutvid, click here.

(Via tutvid