Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Using kicker lights to add a punch to your high-key portraits


posted Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 7:30 PM EDT


When creating high-key portraits, it is difficult to retain the trademark bright look of a high-key portrait without having your image become somewhat flat. In the video below, photographer Mark Wallace showcases his high-key lighting setup, which includes four lights.

By utilizing kicker lights, you can add a pop to your high-key portraits. First, you must set up your main light, which should be a large, soft light source. There should also be a light on your white background, to ensure that not only the background is a bright white, but also that there is separation between your subject and the background. Once the foundation has been established, Wallace adds a pair of kicker lights to each side of the model. These are not hair lights, but rather add a highlight to her face. To see the full lighting setup and learn how you can add or remove lights to augment the overall look, watch Wallace's full video below.

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(Via Adorama