Skylum announces Luminar Flex: Versatile, AI-driven plug-in featuring the power of Luminar


posted Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST


Skylum Software has announced Luminar Flex, a brand-new plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop Elements and Photos for macOS. The Luminar Flex plugin allows even more photographers to utilize the AI-powered technologies featured in Luminar to improve their photo editing while saving time.

Of Luminar Flex, Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko says, "While our Luminar 3 software has been groundbreaking in terms of offering an all-in-one management and editing platform for photographers, we want it to be the best tool for everyone. The Luminar Flex plugin lets photographers continue to use their host software of choice, while taking advantage of Luminar's one-of-a-kind editing features, such as Accent AI, Golden hour, Details Enhancer and AI Sky Enhancer."

Luminar's AI Sky Enhancer at work in Luminar Flex. Image copyright: Massimo Seifoleslami

Luminar includes more than 50 filters for image corrections and enhancements plus over 70 stylized Luminar Looks. Further, the software includes numerous tools powered by artificial intelligence, including Accent AI and AI Sky Enhancer. Accent automatically analyzes and corrects images by utilizing up to a dozen controls simultaneously, such as automatic adjustments to shadows, highlights, contrast and more. AI Sky Enhancer automatically detects the sky in your image and adjusts color, clarity and detail, offering a one-slider solution to boosting outdoor images.

In addition to the AI-powered tools, Luminar Flex offers built-in workspaces, which organize filters and image editing tools for specific types of photography. Flex includes a new set of workspaces designed for plugin users, including Expert, Black and White, Image Aware, Intensify, Drone and Aerial, Film Lab, Relight and Color and Portrait. There are also several new Luminar Looks.

Luminar Flex. Image copyright: Max Rive

For photographers using Luminar Flex within Adobe Lightroom, there is also an ability to use layers and blending modes, which allow you to apply Luminar Flex's filters to specific layers with opacity and blend mode controls.

As mentioned earlier, Luminar Flex will be usable within Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC's external editing system and macOS Photos via an extension. You can also use Luminar Flex with Apple Aperture. For Photoshop CC users, Flex can be used with Smart Objects, which allows for revised edits even after closing the document.

Luminar Flex will have its own development roadmap and existing owners of Luminar 2018 and Luminar 3 will receive a free copy of Luminar Flex. Luminar Flex is also available for purchase for $59 and is available today. You can learn more by clicking here

Image copyright: Massimo Seifoleslami