The Nikon Z6 is simultaneously the best video camera Nikon has ever made, but also just par for the course


posted Monday, April 15, 2019 at 6:15 PM EST

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If you're a Nikon shooter looking to get into video, you are probably saving up to grab the Nikon Z6, a camera with more video-centric features than any other Nikon before it. And after using it extensively, I'm happy to report that it is without a doubt the best video camera they have ever released. It has a lovely log profile, writes to an external recorder at 4:2:2 10-bit, and has amazing ISO performance. But on the flip-side, the Nikon Z6 doesn't take very many risks, has several niggling firmware issues, and doesn't stack up well against the more recent competition.

The Nikon Z6 is the best video camera Nikon has ever made, but it's also a "middle of the road" video camera.

Still frame from a clip captured on the Nikon Z6 in-camera.

Both these statements are true, but there is a lot to unpack about why. In our video field test, we dive deep into everything that the Z6 offers, what it does right, what could use improvement, and where it sits in comparison to its prime competitors. Despite the fact that it's not a perfect product, there is quite a bit to like about Nikon's first professional mirrorless offering, and we hope that if you're considering picking one up, we can answer any questions you might have about it before making the investment.

Nikon Z6 Review - Video Performance