Skylum improves their AI-powered photo editing & aims to make manual editing a thing of the past


posted Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 9:59 AM EST


In Skylum's Luminar 3, there are multiple instances of artificial intelligence being used to automatically enhance your images, including through the use of the AI Sky Enhancer and the Accent AI slider. In an upcoming release of Luminar 3, Skylum has revealed that there will be a new generation of the Accent AI filter, Accent AI 2.0.

The existing Accent AI slider already influences shadows, highlights, contrast and more and is able to recognize some subjects. However, users have given some negative feedback, including complaints that the Accent AI slider can lead to over-processed images and incorrect colors. Further, the Accent AI slider has not been able to recognize people in faces in an image.

With Accent AI 2.0, the software can now recognize people and faces and produce more natural-looking results. Further, color correction algorithms have been improved to deliver more accurate results. "If Accent AI 2.0 can't make the object [in an image] look better, it won't be touched," Skylum says in a recent blog post

While Luminar 3 offers a lot of manual control over photo editing, it's clear that Skylum is committed to artificial intelligence and believes in the potential advantages, both in terms of results and efficiency, of AI-based photo editing. Of the importance of AI, Skylum says, "Accent AI 2.0 is our approach to the future of photo editing…our goal is to completely replace the classic photo editing methods with the help of new AI technologies that will not only be smarter, but also give significantly better results. We want to make learning of how to edit images an unnecessary thing due to the intuitive AI filters."

Accent AI 1.0 (left) versus Accent AI 2.0 (right). Image credit: Skylum

We will have more on the upcoming Luminar 3 update soon. You can learn more about Luminar 3 and try it for yourself by clicking here. Readers, what do you think about artificial intelligence with respect to photo editing and do you hope for a future where you don't have to manually edit your images?

(Via Skylum