Luminar 3.1 released: Free update brings Accent AI 2.0 and other new features to popular photo editor


posted Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST


After teasing their new Accent AI 2.0 filter, Skylum Software has announced the availability of Luminar 3.1. The update includes numerous enhancements and improvements in addition to the new and improved Accent AI 2.0 filter.

As we discussed last week, Accent AI 2.0 results in more natural results, especially when using it on photos with human subjects. Accent AI 1.0 was not aware of humans in the frame, which resulted in over-edited faces and people. Accent 2.0, on the other hand, now includes a "person" class, which helps the software recognize facial features and more subtly process human subjects. In some cases, Accent AI can leave a subject alone completely when it doesn't find a way to improve the image.

Accent AI 2.0 in action. Image credit: Skylum

Of Accent AI, Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko says, "Accent AI has been a revolutionary tool for many photographers using Luminar, helping them to speed up their workflow and come away with truly amazing images. With this update to Accent AI, it will assist photographers more than ever, allowing them to truly harness content-aware technology in ways never seen before." Accent AI 2.0 also includes more careful color correction and a smarter detail boost in addition to the new person class.

In addition to Accent AI 2.0, Luminar 3.1 includes additional new features. You can now more easily organize RAW + JPEG file pairs and easily switch between the two versions. There is also improved selective sync. For Windows users in particular, there is new import functionality and gallery selection as well.

Accent AI 1.0 (left) versus Accent AI 2.0 (right). Image credit: Skylum

To celebrate the release of Luminar 3.1, Skylum is offering a discount for new purchases. Luminar 3.1 is available for $60 ($10 off). There is also a special "Luminar 3.1 and Photography 101 video course by SLR Lounge bundle" available for $70, which represents a $89 savings on the video course. Finally, there's a "Luminar 3.1 + Aurora HDR + Photography 101 course bundle" for $129. You can view your purchasing options and download a free trial by clicking here.