Ben Horne reveals the film from his winter trip to Death Valley and Zion


posted Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 6:29 AM EDT


Ben Horne recently went on a week-long winter trip to Death Valley and Zion National Park, which means it's time for another film reveal video. In the video below, Horne views the large-format film images from his trip for the first time, discusses how he made the images and shares how he feels about them.

Of course, we can also view behind-the-scenes videos from his trip, which I have shared beneath the film reveal video. In the age of digital cameras, it's easy to take for granted the ability to see images as you photograph them and then adjust your settings and composition as you go. For Horne, he sometimes waits weeks and months to be able to see his shots for the first time, which likely dictates a different approach to landscape photography while in the field.

To see more of Ben Horne's videos, including behind-the-scenes footage and film reveals from previous trips, click here. To view his images, visit his website.

(Via Ben Horne