14 tips for finding and creating original landscape compositions


posted Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 7:30 AM EDT


Capturing unique compositions is a tricky task, but there are many ways you can spice up your shots. Photographers Adam Karnacz and Nigel Danson both published videos this week about the topic of creating original compositions.

First up is Karnacz's video. Like Danson further below, Adam has seven tips for us. When searching for an original composition at a location, a surefire way to find original compositions is to change your perspective. Get lower than you normally do and point your camera more up or down than it seems like you should. Many photographers shoot from eye level because it's the default perspective and it's easier than getting down and dirty on the ground. To see all of Adam's tips, watch the full video below.

In Danson's video, he discusses numerous ways you can utilize different compositions to create better images, including where you place the horizon in your image. By shifting the position of the horizon, you can substantially change the overall tone of the image and create a more dramatic photograph. Another tip for creating a powerful composition to utilize asymmetry in the frame. You can create visual balance, which often looks good, through the use of contrasting colors and tones. To see what Danson means and see other tips with example images, watch the full video below.

(Via First Man Photography and Nigel Danson)