Editing photos in Lightroom: The best sliders and how to use them


posted Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 11:30 AM EDT


Have you ever been working in Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Camera Raw and wondered if there was an ideal way to utilize sliders? In the video below, Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE shows off the best way to order your adjustments in Lightroom and ACR and discusses which sliders are worth your time.

Rather than use every slider in Lightroom Classic's Develop Module (which is similar to the Basic panel in Adobe Camera Raw), there are a few which are particularly worth your time. Firstly, we want to maximize our workspace inside of Lightroom, which includes reducing the width of the develop panel and minimizing the folder navigator on the left side of the application. This will ensure that we have the most amount of space for editing our photos.

When looking at the Develop module in Lightroom, the sliders are broken into three sections: color, tone and presence. Smith likes to start with color. This includes making adjustments to your image's white balance, either manually or through the use of the automatic white balance tool. After this, Smith goes through the various tone adjustments he likes to make on his images, and discusses how best to utilize the sliders. Check his Lightroom workflow out in the video below.

(Via PhotoshopCAFE