A complete portrait retouching workflow inside Adobe Lightroom (or Adobe Camera Raw)


posted Friday, May 31, 2019 at 11:00 AM EDT


Photoshop is often considered must-have software for portrait retouching, but there is actually a lot which can be accomplished using only Lightroom Classic. Technically, the tutorial below also applies to Adobe Camera Raw within Photoshop, but inside Lightroom, you can smoothen skin and whiten teeth/eyes with ease.

The tutorial below comes from Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE and relies upon numerous powerful tools inside of Lightroom, including custom adjustment brushes. You can use custom adjustment brushes for all sorts of portrait retouching tasks, including whitening eyes and teeth by adjusting exposure and saturation, and adding vibrance to the irises of eyes. To see how to smooth skin and improve hair in Adobe Lightroom using masking techniques, watch the full tutorial below.

To see more great tutorial videos, including more content for improving your Lightroom workflow, head to the PhotoshopCAFE YouTube channel.

(Via PhotoshopCAFE