Determining if you should turn your photography hobby into a profession


posted Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 6:00 AM EDT


Two years ago, professional photographer Nigel Danson decided to quit his stable desk job to become a full-time photographer. This meant giving up something known and safe for something unknown and risky, but it also meant changing photography's place in Danson's life from being an enjoyable hobby to his profession and the way he makes his living. For some, this can take away some of the joy and passion they had for photography. In a new video, Danson explores his transition from amateur to professional photography and discusses whether viewers considering giving professional photography a try should take the leap.

It's easy to love the decision to go pro when you are in the field, taking the photos that you enjoy taking. However, Danson is upfront, it's hard to become a professional photographer. There are so many talented photographers out there, many of whom might themselves be thinking about becoming a pro, so there's a ton of competition for what is ultimately not a lot of professional photographic work that needs to be done. You've got to find a way to set yourself apart and add different business and marketing skills to your repertoire, which may not only be difficult, but downright unenjoyable for some.

Supposing that you take all the necessary small steps and are able to make your living primarily or exclusively from photography, how can you avoid the pitfalls associated with taking something you liked to do for fun and turning it into something you must do in order to put food on your table? This is the primary topic of discussion in Danson's video below, so if you are interested in what might be involved in becoming a professional photographer, check it out.

(Via Nigel Danson