The Sony A6400 may not be super exciting, but it is the camera for the “every man”


posted Monday, June 24, 2019 at 3:00 PM EDT

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The Sony A6400 got a lot of coverage when it first came out, but that was more due to Sony's PR and marketing blitz than to anything about the A6400 itself. Though it was the first camera to receive Sony's new "real-time tracking" autofocus, it not only seemed an odd place to put such high-level technology into what is now Sony's lowest-end ILC, but it also was the only feature of note that could really grab headlines. And perhaps that was the problem: this was not an attention-grabbing camera, by its very nature. Rarely are lower-end cameras all that exciting, but with the a6400 I find myself now actually disappointed with how underappreciated this little camera might be in the eyes of many. Though it's not full-frame, doesn't have IBIS, and doesn't have a lot of exciting, dedicated APS-C lenses to support it, the A6400 is perhaps the perfect camera for so many shooters out there. 

The A6400 is easy to overlook because it really just nails down the necessary things a camera should do, and doesn't do so flashily. The A6400 ticks pretty much every box, while competitors will only nab a few. When you look at the market and who needs to take photographs, the A6400 is a really good everyday shooter for the average novice, the traveler who just wants to get photos of their trips, and the do-it-all marketing guy at a local small business. Because the camera is so flexible, it can really be whatever you need it to be in pretty much every average situation. Sadly, doing a great job at average tasks doesn't really grab headlines, but hopefully this assessment of the A6400 will shed some light onto a very handy little camera. 

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