Phase One announces first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement, featuring improved capture features


posted Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 2:15 PM EDT


When Phase One released the IQ4 digital backs last year, one of the big new features of the digital backs was the Infinity Platform. Essentially, what this new platform offers is continued updates, innovation and regular improvements to IQ4 digital backs. Today, Phase One has announced its first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement, the Creative Control Package.

The Creative Control Package is focused on enhancing the creative control of photographers using the IQ4 system and offering them additional functionality, more control and improved performance. There are three primary features included in the Creative Control Package: Automated frame averaging, Capture One Inside version 12.1 and improved workflow flexibility.

Automated Frame Averaging allows photographers to further push the envelope with respect to image quality. The new function combines multiple sensor readouts during capture to reduce noise, expand dynamic range and protect highlights in your raw image files. Of this new feature, professional landscape photographer Paul Reiffer says, "With Automated Frame Averaging, Phase One have adapted and further developed advances in technology, pushing the envelope of what's possible to achieve in a camera system. In doing so, yet again, they've pushed the industry forward while investing in our development as photographers along with the art of photography itself."

Image credit: Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

With Capture One Inside version 12.1, photographers now have access to clarity adjustments and HDR functionality, like you would expect when using Capture One on your computer. Further, you can also now load your own custom styles into the IQ4, which means you can apply your personal style to your images as you capture them using an IQ4 digital back. Of this new feature, fine art photography Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, whose image is featured in this article, says, "My style is central to my art. With the XF IQ4 Camera System and Capture one Inside, I am able to advance my creativity in the capture process. For me, the Phase One Camera System becomes central to my entire photographic process and not just a singular step."

Finally, the third major part of the Creative Control Package IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement is improved workflow and storage flexibility. This includes direct image transfer from the IQ4 to Capture One, additional SD storage options and a Zone Tool overlay mask you can use to evaluate exposure.

The Creative Control package will be available for free download in early July for all IQ4 owners. I recently had the opportunity to try the new 151-megapixel IQ4 digital back and you can read my Field Test of this impressive medium-format camera system by clicking here. For additional information on the Phase One IQ4 system, click here.