Sony RX100 VII offers the flagship A9’s speed, eye AF plus 4K video tweaks in a pocket-friendly size


posted Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 9:00 AM EST

Sony RX100 VII Preview
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Almost every year since Sony first debuted its pocket-friendly, large-sensor RX100 camera series back in 2012, the company has had something of a tradition. And in the midst of every summer (other than those of 2016 and 2017), Sony has treated us to a new RX100-series flagship camera in either June or, much more often, July. Well, buckle in for the ride, because month's end is almost here and Sony is once again delivering a brand new RX100-series flagship, this time the Sony RX100 VII!

In covering the launch of the RX100 VI last summer (and perhaps feeling given to a little gentle hyperbole), we referred to it in our headline as "an A7 III in your pocket". Well, with the RX100 VII, Sony is drawing its own comparison to an even higher-end model, and delivering what it's referring to as "the speed of an A9 in your pocket."


Yes, you read that right -- we're talking the performance of a US$3,000 flagship, professional-class full-frame mirrorless camera in a device that you can slip into a pants pocket. (And one which sports a generous 8x optical zoom range, too!) We know you'll be keen to hear more, so click here to read our just-published, hands-on Sony RX100 VII preview!

Sony RX100 VII Preview
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