Fuji X-Pro3 arrives with X-T3 image pipeline, hybrid viewfinder improvements + hidden touch-screen LCD


posted Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 1:00 AM EDT


Last September, Fujifilm started teasing a new model for its popular X-Pro mirrorless camera line, currently led by 2016's Fuji X-Pro2. Today, that new camera has now been officially announced as -- you guessed it -- the Fuji X-Pro3, and while it bears a striking resemblance to the earlier X-Pro2 and X-Pro1 when seen from most angles, just a glance at its rear deck will be enough to tell you that this is a pretty significant update.

Around back, you'll find both an updated hybrid viewfinder that, while still combining the best of both optical and electronic viewfinders in a single unit, sports improvements to both. The optical finder should bring wider coverage, lower distortion and better clarity, while the electronic finder has both significantly higher resolution and improved color / contrast to boot. And right beneath it, the LCD monitor -- now a touch-screen type -- is notable by its absence, thanks to a new hidden design that both keeps it out of harm's way, while also helping you to focus on the hybrid viewfinder and a more traditional shooting posture, instead. With the main screen flipped up and hidden, the back of the camera is instead graced by a much smaller, rear-deck color status display.


Nor is that all. The Fuji X-Pro3 also sports the same imaging pipeline as in the enthusiast flagship-model X-T3, and has an uprated, hybrid autofocus system that can focus in near darkness, and locate your subjects' eyes to put focus in just the right place for more attractive portraits. Other changes include 4K video capture capability -- admittedly, something which came to its predecessor via a firmware update -- new film simulations, updated connectivity and more besides.


Available in the US market from late fall of 2019, the Fujifilm X-Pro3 will start from a price point of US$1,800 body-only, in its classic, black-painted version. Two alternate body colors dubbed DR Silver and DR Black will instead feature a more scratchproof, cold-plasma hardened finish to the titanium top and bottom panels for a US$200 premium. You'll find a lot more information on the new flagship for the X-Pro lineup in our just-published Fuji X-Pro3 preview!