Field Test: The Leica SL2 is a far better camera than I ever expected it to be


posted Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM EST

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Leica SL2 Field TestLeica SL2 Product Overview


The Leica SL2 is one of the most dramatic improvements on a prior iteration I've seen since the Sony A7R II to the A7R III. Not only did Leica adjust their ergonomics and interface, they also dramatically upped their game in terms of resolution, performance, image stabilization and functionality. This is a truly worthy sequel to the original SL that should stand as a benchmark of what is expected with a new camera body in 2019. Though still imperfect, the Leica SL2 is a very good camera that hits a great number of high notes and takes some absolutely stunning photos. 

The Leica SL2 is not only compatible with the ever-growing portfolio of L-Mount lenses, but also with lenses of the APS-C TL-System and with the legendary lenses of Leica's M, S and R-Systems via adapters, providing more than 170 Leica lens options. The L-Mount Alliance expands this scope of possibilities even further, by giving you access to L-mount-compatible lenses from Sigma and Panasonic. It is also the first Leica to feature in-body image stabilization, and in our testing it rivals the best in the industry (no doubt thanks to their close relationship with Panasonic). 

This photo was captured with the Leica SL2 hand-held, for 0.3 seconds, and is tack sharp.

The number of positive applications of good ideas goes on and on with the SL2 and there is a lot to cover. Click on over to our field test and take a look at what Leica has to offer in their surprisingly well-priced SL2 full-frame camera

Leica SL2 Field TestLeica SL2 Product Overview