One more time with feeling: Canon’s EOS 90D DSLR returns for night shooting + video in Field Test Part II


posted Monday, November 18, 2019 at 8:31 PM EST

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Enthusiast shooters looking for an interchangeable-lens camera from Canon have several new choices, all of which launched earlier this year. Among compact system cameras, the company's full-frame EOS RP and sub-frame EOS M6 Mark II offer a choice of sensor size versus performance. For DSLR fans, the choice is simpler: The company's latest enthusiast-grade offering is the sub-frame Canon 90D.

Sporting a new 32.5-megapixel imaging pipeline which it shares with the mirrorless M6 II, the EOS 90D offers both high resolution and impressive performance, as we saw in our first field test published at the end of September. In that initial test, senior editor William Brawley attended Canon's launch event at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, where he put the 90D through its paces shooting race cars and some spectacular displays of drifting. He also offered his verdict on handling and ergonomics, and gave us a look at daytime image quality shooting some rather less fast-paced subjects in the Atlanta suburbs around IR headquarters. And now we're back with part two!

In this second installment, I got hands-on with the 90D after sunset around my adopted hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee to get a sense for its low-light chops with real-world subjects in a shoot that spanned its entire sensitivity range, all the way to its expanded maximum of ISO 51,200-equivalent. And I also tested its overhauled video capture capabilities, which include full sensor-width 4K video capture, 4x slow-motion video and a cinematic 24 frames-per-second capture rate which Canon actually added post-launch based on feedback from early reviews including our own. For my verdict on how it performed and how it compares to the M6 II, check out our just-published Canon 90D Field Test Part II. And when you're done, be sure to browse our updated Canon 90D Gallery for even more real-world sample images!

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