New Fujifilm X100V has a 26MP sensor, a new processor, a better 23mm f/2 lens & weather-sealing


posted Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 4:00 PM EST

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The most popular large-sensor fixed lens camera in modern times gets a major upgrade today, as the Fujifilm X100 series sees it's fifth iteration come to the fold in the X100V. Building on nine years of X100 tradition and more than 85 years in the photo industry, Fujifilm appears to have delivered yet another terrific offering for enthusiast photographers.

While the line has been quite popular with a variety of shooters out there, including many who enjoy having an X100-series as a second, go-anywhere camera for their bag, it's always been hindered to some degree by the lack of weather sealing. We're thrilled to report that with the X100V our friends at Fujifilm have finally resolved this definite drawback and properly sealed the X100V against the elements, albeit with a minor catch that we'll discuss in detail in our full Preview.

Introducing the Fujifilm X100V fixed lens 23mm f/2 camera

Of course, there's more than just added weather sealing in this upgraded model! A full two years in the making since the X100F, we're now seeing an updated lens design which is reported to reduce distortion and increase resolution capability. And since we already loved the lens to begin with, this should be an enjoyable thing to test for you in the lab and in the field.

There are many additional upgrades to report to you, and if you're confused on the naming convention (or seeming lack thereof) don't worry, we'll "spell" it all out for you in our full Fujifilm X100V Preview as well. So dive right in for all the details!

Fujifilm X100V Preview