Free one-on-one training with Olympus technical experts? Sign me up!


posted Monday, April 13, 2020 at 9:26 AM EDT


If you shoot with Olympus equipment and could benefit from a one-on-one online training session in the comfort of your own home, now is the time to do it! Olympus has just announced that this service is now available through its "Home With Olympus Sessions" program.

In addition to one-on-one training, they are also offering group classes based around specific Olympus camera models, in addition to classes based on specific photography genres such as Macro, Landscape, Portraiture and more. The curriculum is fairly diverse and wide open, and it certainly looks like there's something for pretty much everything type of photographer available through these courses.

Free one-on-one or group classes available

Given that these courses are free of charge, and that most of us have some extra free time on our hands these days while under orders to remain at home, this seems like a win-win to us. I just hope they allow camera reviewers to sit in as well!

Choose from classes in Macro, Landscape, Portraiture, Birding, Underwater photography and more

[In-house image taken with Olympus E-M5 Mark III + 12-200mm lens]

You can also choose to learn more about a specific camera model, such as the popular E-M1 Mark III,
in addition to the E-M1X, E-M5 III, and the entry-level E-M10 II and III.

And for those of you who don't currently shoot with or own an Olympus camera, not to worry, as the classes are open to anyone. So whether you're curious about Olympus cameras, a longtime owner or just want to learn more about a specific photography genre, you'll likely find something here to suit your fancy.

Happy training!

Home With Olympus Sessions