Nikon launches #CreatorsHour events with livestreamed interviews with pros, Instagram Live chats & more


posted Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 11:52 AM EDT


As we all continue to hunker down at home, many of us are perhaps looking to expand our photographic knowledge with online courses and tutorials, but what about maintaining our inspiration for photography? Keeping those creative juices flowing?

In addition to recently making all of their online photography courses free of charge through the month of April, Nikon has also launched a series of curated online events dubbed #CreatorsHour, in which Nikon Ambassadors, other pro photographers and creatives come together for interview series, Instagram Live Q&As, various photo challenge projects, and more.

Unlike the Nikon School Online courses, the #CreatorsHour events are less about technical insights and in-depth tutorials about a particular piece of Nikon gear, and more about learning and hearing stories from world-renowned photographers, engaging with your fellow photographers, as well as sparking ideas and creativity with photo or video challenges that one can safely do from home or by yourself. 


This #CreatorsHour, join us for “My Defining Images,” a new series of talks with Nikon Ambassadors streaming exclusively on We are sitting down with world-renowned photographers to talk about their career-defining images. Tap the link in our bio to watch #NikonAmbassador and #natgeo photographer @BrianSkerry share stories about his favorite images captured throughout his career as an #underwater and marine life photographer! Brian is also joining us for a #CreatorsHour AMA (ask me anything) today. If you have questions for him, ask away in the comments below! He’ll be answering as many as possible, so leave yours here.

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Nikon's #CreatorsHour events include a number of different types of events. In the "My Defining Images" series, Nikon USA's Mike Corrado sits down for virtual one-on-one interviews with various Nikon Ambassadors, such as Joe McNally, Ami Vitale, Corey Rich and Dave Black to learn about their creative processes, their careers, or how they captured some of their favorite images. These videos will be live-streamed on the Nikon Events site, and meanwhile, Nikon Ambassadors will host AMAs (Ask Me Anything)  sessions on NikonUSA's Instagram during the broadcast of their respective "My Defining Images" episode.

Additionally, Nikon also plans to host a variety of other Instagram Live episodes on their @NikonUSA account, which will focus on certain topics such as how to livestream on Instagram, techniques for shooting video or how to capture family portraits at home. Viewers will also be able to interact with the hosts and answer questions. 

Lastly, there will be various "Creativity Challenges," photography or video projects that viewers can participate in to help keep their creativity fresh. 

Nikon's #CreatorsHour events are currently scheduled through mid-May. Click here to view the full schedule of events and episodes to see if any strike your fancy.