10 Minute Review: The Sigma fp is an elegant camera and a study in beauty


posted Friday, May 8, 2020 at 12:10 PM EST


For many years now we've offered our readers comprehensive Field Tests on a wide variety of cameras and lenses, from entry-level to enthusiast-grade as well as professional-tier models. Given the growing popularity of video as a review format, we've decided to launch a new series called "10 Minute Reviews" that is basically a Field Test in video format, and we chose the delightful little Sigma fp for our pilot episode.

The world's smallest and lightest Full Frame camera, the Sigma fp is indeed an intriguing offering to the camera world. Sporting a traditional Bayer sensor as opposed to the unique Foveon sensor technology seen in previous Sigma cameras, the compact fp represents a new chapter for Sigma in camera bodies. Long known for their wonderful lens lines, especially the Art series, they really took us by surprise with the svelte fp.

Sigma fp + Panasonic 70-200mm f/4 S

Having spent a few very enjoyable weeks with the camera, along with a nice selection of both Sigma and Panasonic lenses (the fp accepts all L-mount glass) I now have much to share with you from the field, and that includes a whole lot of good and of course a few not-so-good points I found as well. You can watch our 10 Minute Review episodes on the camera landing pages themselves, or of course on the IR YouTube channel.

And, as always, when you're finished watching feel free to browse all images from the video in our Sigma fp Gallery. We're one of the few outlets who always provide all original images, including RAW files when available, for your personal download and inspection. This allows you to see the images as delivered directly from the camera, in order to gauge whether or not the product will suit your own particular photography pursuits and applications.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more 10 Minute Reviews from IR!

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