Fujifilm X-T4 First Shots: Fuji’s souped-up ‘X-T3 with IBIS’ arrives for laboratory testing


posted Monday, May 11, 2020 at 3:26 PM EST

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The new Fuji X-T4 has landed at IRHQ, and we have our First Shots series of lab sample images ready for the pixel-peepers among you!

So what's new about the Fuji X-T4? Well, as the name suggests, it's the successor to the popular X-T3, but whereas previous iterations of the "X-T" line debuted with a new imaging pipeline -- new sensor and new image processor -- the X-T4 is essentially the same in this regard compared to the X-T3. The major update this time around is the addition of in-body image stabilization -- a feature notably lacking on the X-T3, particularly given the increasing prevalence and popularity of IBIS systems across the camera market. The X-T4 is now the second Fujifilm X Series camera to offer IBIS after the X-H1. And despite being a more compact camera, the X-T4 is said to best the IBIS system of the X-H1, offering up to a reported 6.5 stops of stabilization.


When it comes to image quality, however, the X-T4 should offer similarly impressive performance to its predecessor. The Fuji X-T4 uses the same 26.1-megapixel APS-C-sized X-Trans CMOS IV back-side illuminated sensor paired with the same quad-core X Processor 4 image processing chip. Given how impressed we were with the images delivered by the X-T3, we aren't disappointed that the X-T4 doesn't come with a new sensor and/or processor. We now get the excellent X-T3 plus the added versatility of IBIS. Yes, please! (There are other upgrades and new features to the X-T4, however, so stay tuned for more to come!)

We're just getting started with our X-T4 review, and as is often the case, we begin that journey with our First Shots. As usual, this sample image series uses a standardized test scene and gives you the ability to see how the image quality holds up across the camera's full ISO range. Over on our Fuji X-T4 Samples Page, we have two series to browse through; one using the camera's default setting for in-camera noise reduction processing, and one with the camera's lowest NR setting (you can't disable NR processing completely within the X-T4.) Of course, we have both JPEGs and RAW files available for download.

And to see how the X-T4 stacks up against practically every other camera we've lab-tested over the year, jump over to our Comparometer tool! Below are a couple of quick comparisons with popular competitors, just to get those pixel-peeping engines up and running! 

Fuji X-T4 vs. Fuji X-T3

Base ISO (160): Fuji X-T4 (left) vs. Fuji X-T3 (right)
ISO 3200: Fuji X-T4 (left) vs. Fuji X-T3 (right)

Fuji X-T4 vs. Nikon Z6

Base ISO: Fuji X-T4 (left, ISO 160) vs. Nikon Z6 (right, ISO 100)
ISO 3200: Fuji X-T4 (left) vs. Nikon Z6 (right)

Fuji X-T4 Sample Images