Fuji X-T4 Gallery Images: Real-world sample images from Fuji’s flagship stabilized X Series camera


posted Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 11:37 AM EST

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A short while ago we shared our standard lab First Shots series of sample images from the all-new Fujifilm X-T4, and now to follow that up, I've prepared a large batch of real-world gallery images from my upcoming X-T4 Field Test. I still have a bit more field-testing to do with this "souped-up X-T3" -- in particular, taking a closer look at its hallmark new feature: in-body image stabilization. But in the meantime, for those curious about how the X-T4's image quality looks in real-world scenarios, the X-T4 Gallery is up and ready for browsing!

For those who've read several of my previous field tests, whenever I get an opportunity to test a camera such as the Fuji X-T4, the first thing I look for is the longest lens we have in our stock of review lenses. For the Fujifilm X Series, that happens to be the long and versatile XF 100-400mm telephoto zoom. Armed with the X-T4 and the 100-400mm lens, you know there will be a variety of wildlife photos amongst my selection of gallery images!

100-400mm: 400mm, f/5.6, 1/300s, ISO 12,800
(RAW edit. See Gallery for original.)

Wildlife photography of all kinds is one of my all-time favorite photographic genres, and not only is it a fun way to explore the world around me, but it's also a nice way to test the performance of a camera. For the X-T4 with the super-telephoto zoom lens, this a great way to get a sense of the new image stabilization system. Furthermore, it provides challenging scenarios for the camera's AF system as well as requiring the use of a wide range of ISO levels. For example, photographing birds and other woodland animals in dense, forested areas often requires the use of very high ISO sensitivities (and the 100-400mm's fairly dim aperture range certainly didn't provide any help in this regard).

100-400mm: 400mm, f/5.6, 1/500s, ISO 500
(RAW edit. See Gallery for original.)

Of course, there's more than just wildlife photos over in our Fujifilm X-T4 Gallery. Alongside the camera itself, we also have the new XF 16-80mm f/4 OIS WR zoom lens, which is the one of the newest X series lenses available. This compact, weather-sealed zoom has so far proven to be a very versatile walk-around lens with its 24-120mm-eq. zoom range and constant f/4 aperture. It's a great lens for travel, landscapes, portraiture, and more; a perfect single-lens setup if you want to keep your camera setup minimal.

16-80mm: 80mm, f/5, 1/250s, ISO 160, Classic Negative Film Simulation
(JPEG, cropped. See Gallery for original.)

Stay tuned for my Fuji X-T4 Field Test, and in the interim, head on over to our X-T4 Gallery Page for a look at the X-T4's real-world image quality performance.

16-80mm: 80mm, f/5, 1/250s, ISO 160, Velvia Film Simulation
(Straight-out-of-camera JPEG)

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