Fuji X-T4 Field Test: A refreshed, improved X-T3 that offers even more performance and versatility


posted Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 10:27 AM EDT

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The Fuji X-T3 was, and still is, a fantastic camera. With cool styling combined with excellent performance and top-notch image quality, what's not to love? But it was lacking one notable feature: in-body image stabilization. Previously offered only on the larger, more expensive X-H1, the X-T3 came after and yet still lacked this popular technology. Fortunately, the follow-up X-T4 camera addresses this shortcoming, with Fujifilm managing to redesign an all-new IBIS system that's not only smaller than the one inside the X-H1 but also reportedly more powerful. 


In other areas, the Fuji X-T4 is largely very similar to its X-T3 predecessor, though there are some pleasant, minor improvements. The exterior design is largely unchanged, though there have been some updates, including a new LCD design, a (slightly) bigger grip and more room for a larger-capacity battery. The imaging pipeline is essentially the same, and as such the X-T4 offers a similar high level of image quality performance across a wide ISO range. However, the mechanical shutter is all-new and offers quieter operation, higher durability and faster burst shooting up to 15fps. The autofocus system is, again, largely the same as the one in the X-T3, with a similar 425-point hybrid AF system with on-sensor phase-detect. However, new algorithms are said to increase speed and performance and improve low-light AF and Face/Eye AF tracking.

XF 100-400mm: 400mm, f/5.6, 1/900s, ISO 800

Did they succeed in improving an already terrific camera? I've just published my detailed Fuji X-T4 Field Test, which goes in-depth primarily about the design and ergonomics of the camera as well as its photo-taking capabilities and performance. Overall, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it's a very similar user experience to the X-T3, but with the updated performance and IBIS system, the X-T4 feels like an even more versatile and capable camera.

XF 16-80mm f/4: 80mm, f/4, 1/240s, ISO 160

Head over to my Fuji X-T4 Field Test for all the details and be sure to check out the Gallery for a large variety of real-world images. And there's more to come with our overall Fuji X-T4 review -- we haven't even touched on the impressive array of video-shooting features that the X-T4 offers, so stay tuned!

Fujifilm X-T4 Field Test

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