Panasonic G100 Video: We go hands-on with a look at Panasonic’s new compact vlogging camera


posted Friday, June 26, 2020 at 12:20 PM EDT

Watch our Panasonic G100 Hands-on Video


Come explore the new Panasonic G100 with us in the form that it was designed for... video! This new lightweight tool from Panasonic with a relatively large sensor for such a small package is aimed directly at multimedia creators looking for good image quality and features in a shell that feels closer to a point-and-shoot or smartphone.

Did they succeed? Our Panasonic G100 Hands-on Tour will go a long way towards helping you decide for yourself whether this new product will fit your particular needs, whether they be in the field of multimedia or simply needing a capable and lightweight body for your summer vacation.

In the video, we'll cover the new 5-axis hybrid IS system, the new and intriguing onboard OZO Audio system, and much more.

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