Fujifilm X-T200 Gallery: The best bang for the buck that $500 has ever bought?


posted Friday, October 23, 2020 at 4:30 PM EDT


As I began to pen this piece I noticed the current street price of the Fujifilm X-T200... $449 body-only at both B&H and Adorama! I'd just spent a week marveling at the IQ of this entry-level offering from Fujifilm, and that was at the original $699 price tag. So it didn't surprise me after seeing this new price to notice that the X-T200 is now generally on back-order.

If you've been an IR regular for any time at all you may already be aware that we're fans of Fujifilm cameras in general, especially the higher-end X Series models. But as we've also seen through the years, the entry-level models have routinely proven their mettle in the IQ department as well. The X-T200 is the latest in the entry-level class for the line from Fujifilm, and I was excited to get a week in the field with it.

The entry-level Fujifilm X-T200 APS-C camera

It's important to note that as with the earlier entry-level X-A rangefinder-style line, this "hundred-series" X-T line does not sport the touted X-Trans sensor, and instead houses a traditional Bayer sensor like most other cameras out there in the market. However, we've historically seen incredible IQ performance from even Fujifilm's entry-level lines, and we expect the X-T200 to match or exceed our expectations once we get our laboratory First Shots posted for you.

Until then, we've gathered an array of images for you with the X-T200 from the real world. As always, we provide the original, untouched JPEGs for you and most RAW files as well for your personal download and inspection, so that you can see what the camera is actually delivering. We'll take a look at some of those images here, resized for the screen, and you can find the full resolution files and all EXIF data in our Fujifilm X-T200 Gallery.

1/200s / f/4.7 / ISO 200

1/160s / f/3.5 / ISO 800

1/800s / f/2 / ISO 200

One additional difference with this line versus the higher-end X Series lines is that it doesn't sport the classic shutter speed, EV and/or ISO dials we're accustomed to. I certainly miss them, but it's understandable that they wouldn't be included on an entry-level model. The camera body is smaller for one thing, and all those knobs may also be a bit intimidating to a newcomer to the Fujifilm world. Instead, with this line you're treated to the common mode dial and control dials that most folks are likely expecting.

1/320s / f/4.6 / ISO 400

1/250s / f/2.8 / ISO 200

1/640s / f/2 / ISO 200

I find capturing images like this next to impossible with a smartphone. Even if you use the auto-background-blurring features that most phones now sport, it's not the same thing at all. The image depth simply isn't there as it is with an APS-C camera and a competent lens.

Of course, one new knob that does come in quite handy is the relatively new Film Simulation knob. We've long since become huge fans of Fujifilm's classic film simulations, and having a dedicated knob as a go-to source for dialing in the most suitable film simulation is a super-neat addition. You'll also see it on the newer X-S10 as well, and perhaps they'll find a way to bring it to the higher-end lines at some point.

1/500s / f/4.4 / ISO 200

1/2000 / f/2.8 / ISO 400

1/250s / f/2 / ISO 800

Strange bokeh? No... that's just intense heat rising off a very hot fire.
It does make for a neat effect though...

Looking through the images delivered by the X-T200 from the real world, I see a level of image quality that far surpasses a $449 price tag. As a result, whether you're getting your feet wet for the first time in the Fujifilm world, or are a seasoned X Series photographer looking for a capable, dependable back-up for your bag, the X-T200 certainly delivers in the image quality department.

• • • • •

As mentioned earlier in this piece, the X-T200 appears to be on backorder at this time. So if you'd like to get your hands on one for the holidays, either as a terrific entry into the Fujifilm world or as a capable back-up to your higher-end camera, you'd be advised to head to our X-T200 Buy page and reserve one.

Fujifilm X-T200 GalleryX-T200 Best Price

1/1250s / f/2.8 / ISO 200
The entry-level Fujifilm X-T200 APS-C camera