Skylum announces Luminar Live educational event ahead of Luminar AI’s December 15 release


posted Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 9:30 AM EST


In anticipation of the upcoming release of Luminar AI, Skylum has announced a new event to showcase the AI-powered tools in the upcoming software. Luminar Live will feature world-renowned photographers and aims to provide education for photographers so they can hit the ground running when Luminar AI releases on December 15.

Of Luminar Live, Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko says, 'With Luminar AI, we want people to be empowered to create cool images without spending hours and hours to create it. We've been giving previews of Luminar AI a lot lately, and during Luminar Live, attendees will see a full hands-on presentation and demo, showcasing all the creative tools present in Luminar AI.'


Luminar Live is scheduled for December 10, beginning at 10 a.m. EST. Luminar Live will include presentations from Elia Locardi, Pierre Lambert, Lucy Martin, Richard Harrington, Alex Tsepko and many Luminar users. Registration is free and you can sign up to join by clicking here.

As mentioned earlier, Skylum has announced that Luminar AI will be releasing on December 15. If you have missed previous coverage of Luminar AI, the upcoming all-in-one editor is designed to further integrate AI into the photo editing experience and speed up your workflow. As Skylum puts it, 'Gone are the days of manually masking and dealing with hundreds of layers – Luminar AI makes it easy for anyone to get started and create impactful photographs.'

Luminar AI heavily emphasizes Templates. After analyzing your image, the software recommends different Templates. You can then edit a selected Template or opt to create a totally customized look for your image. Featured image credit: Elia Locardi

Templates are at the core of Luminar AI. The software analyzes your image and then recommends different styles and editing options via Templates. You can then select a Template and call it a day, or tweak every aspect of your image for a custom look.

Additional AI-powered tools include Composition AI, a new feature aiming to automate cropping, Accent AI, Sky Enhancer AI, Atmosphere AI, iris AI, Body AI, Face AI, Skin AI and more. These tools allow photographers to perform tasks quickly and easily such as adding fog to an image, replacing the sky in a photo, automatically enhancing a portrait's subjects eyes or retouching skin.

To learn more about Luminar AI, click here. If you're interested in seeing the software in action and learning about its tools from creative professionals who use it daily, be sure to sign up for Luminar Live.