Polaroid Go announced: World’s smallest analog instant camera


posted Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 8:00 AM EDT


Polaroid has announced the world's smallest analog instant camera, the Polaroid Go. It's a redesigned camera that uses classic Polaroid film.

The Polaroid Go is 4.1" long, 3.3" wide and 2.4" tall. The camera was designed as a 'wearable creative companion,' complete with a miniature version of Polaroid's classic square format film.

Polaroid Now (left) versus Polaroid Go (right). The Polaroid Go is, as you can see, considerably smaller and comes with a new, smaller type of film.

Oskar Smolokowski, Polaroid CEO, said, 'Bringing innovation, product design, creativity, and a little bit of attitude back to Polaroid has been our focus ever since we took over as the new team three years ago. The Polaroid Go is our biggest contribution to this yet. It is just really playful yet incredibly well-designed, and it's going to make it so easy for you to bring a totally different camera than your phone with you wherever you go.'

Polaroid Go

Polaroid has spent the last three years designing the Polaroid Go camera from the inside out. Its internal components are arranged 'like a three-dimensional Tetris,' per Ignacio Germade, Polaroid Chief Design Officer. The camera and its components are designed to allow for the smallest size possible without sacrificing its simple design. The Polaroid Go includes a newly developed selfie mirror, self-timer, a longer-lasting battery, dynamic flash, double exposure, and includes travel-friend accessories.

Polaroid Go

With the launch of the Polaroid Go, the company is launching a new initiative, 'Go create.' The campaign taps into the talent of numerous creators across different artistic disciplines and cultures to share stories of inspiration and creation. Initial collaborators include creative director and designer Quinn Whitney Wilson and London-based musician Arlo Parks. Polaroid and its creator collaborators will regularly release new 'Go create' content through social media and digital channels. The campaign also kicks off with a new single, 'Keep Moving,' from the British producer duo, Jungle.


Of the 'Go create' campaign, Smolokowski said, 'For the launch of the Polaroid Go, we've gone back to Polaroid's original DNA of being a tool and a medium for creators to push culture forward. We've partnered with what we think are some of the most boundary pushing, fun, and talented artists, designers, musicians, and creatives active today and we couldn't be more proud to work with them, support them, and promote their amazing work. We can't wait to see what they come up with.'


The Polaroid Go will be available starting April 27, with the pre-sale beginning today. The camera will cost $99.99. A Polaroid Go Film Double Pack has a suggested retail price of $19.99.