In Other News: Zeiss cine lenses, long exposures without ND filter, night sky guide & Pokémon Instax


posted Friday, April 23, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT


Zeiss adds four prime lenses to its Supreme Prime Radiance cinema lens lineup

First seen at PetaPixel, Zeiss has expanded its Supreme Prime Radiance cinematography lens lineup. The new full-frame lenses all have a maximum aperture of T/1.5 and cover 18mm, 40mm, 65mm and 135mm focal lengths. The new lenses join an existing seven Supreme Prime Radiance lenses. All 11 lenses have a uniform front diameter and have consistent positioning of focus and aperture rings.

Zeiss has announced four new lenses in its Supreme Prime Radiance cinema lens lineup. The four lenses are all T/1.5 and cover 18mm, 40mm, 65mm and 135mm focal lengths.

The quartet of lenses come equipped with Zeiss 'eXtended Data' metadata technology, meaning that the lenses offer frame-by-frame data concerning distortion and vignetting, simplifying workflow. The lenses cover a range of sensors, including full-frame cameras that have a PL mount. Delivery is expected sometime during Q3 this year. For additional information, visit Zeiss.

How to capture long exposure photographs without an ND filter

Mads Peter Iversen released a new video this week that shows how to make long exposure images without using a neutral density filter. By capturing images with as low an ISO as possible and setting your lens to a small aperture, you can greatly lengthen your camera's shutter speed. However, if it's bright, this alone won't be enough to give you a long exposure image and certainly won't allow you to make moving water appear smooth. In the video below, Iversen shows how to capture many images and combine them to replicate the look of a single long-exposure image. To see more videos from Iversen, visit his YouTube channel.

7 tips for posing male models

It can be tricky to pose male models. COOPH has seven tips to help photographers pose male subjects. The video below addresses topics, including posing and props to help photographers shoot powerful portraits.

Essential night sky photography skills

Photographer Dave Morrow has numerous techniques for night sky photography, including photography the Milky Way, moon, northern lights and more. To see more of Morrow's video, click here. Morrow has written an in-depth guide for star photography, which you can read here.

Anthony Morganti goes hands-on with the latest release of Gigapixel AI by Topaz Labs

Anthony Morganti has gone hands-on with the latest release of Topaz Labs' Gigapixel AI, version 5.5.0. You can use the software to enhance image detail and resolution by up to 600%, and Morganti thinks highly of the software.

Is there a wrong way to think about black and white photography?

When Blake Rudis of f64 Academy was learning photography, he heard the phrase, 'If it doesn't look good in color, change it to black and white.' He thinks this is insulting to color photography and black and white photography alike. Even though a black and white image lacks color, good color in a scene is the foundation of a good black and white conversion. The colors in your image significantly inform how the image will look when making a black and white conversion.

Print photos from your Nintendo Switch to a Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer

Let's end the week with some fun news from Fujifilm. Ahead of next week's release of New Pokémon Snap, a game for Nintendo Switch in which you are a photographer tasked with capturing photos of Pokémon, Fujifilm has announced a new app for the Instax Mini Link to connect to the Nintendo Switch.

You first connect your Switch to the new Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app on your smartphone. Then you select photos to transfer from the Switch to your smartphone. Once the images are on your smartphone, you can print them out on a Fujifilm Link printer. The app includes 59 new frames featuring characters from three games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario and New Pokémon Snap.


Fujifilm has also announced a new color of the Instax Mini Link, Ash White (Red and Blue). The printer can be purchased in a bundle with a special silicone case that looks like the famous Pokémon, Pikachu. The new bundle and app will be available on April 30, the same day as New Pokémon Snap releases.