In Other News: Sony 50mm GM is popular, photographing in bad light & more


posted Friday, April 30, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT


Beginner's guide to film photography: Choosing the right camera type

Over at DPReview, Aaron Gold is back with another edition of his 'Absolute beginner's guide to film photography' series. This time, the focus is on choosing the right camera type. If you want the easiest start to your film photography journey, a 35mm point and shoot is the way to go. If you want creative control but still want some modern amenities like autofocus and automatic exposure modes, there are various film SLR cameras for you. What if you want the best image quality possible? A medium- or large-format camera is up your alley. To learn more about the different types of analog cameras you can purchase, head to Gold's article.

Sony's new 50mm GM lens is popular – too popular

It's a good problem for a company to have when demand outstrips supply. Well, it's good in the sense that people are excited about your product and want to buy it from you. However, it's bad news for customers as nobody wants to wait for a back-ordered product to come into stock. According to PetaPixel, Sony has published an alert in Japan that it has received orders for its FE 50mm f/1.2 GM lens greatly exceeding expectations and supply. The announcement states that it will be a while before orders can be filled and ask customers to be patient. After going hands-on with Sony's new fast prime, we understand the excitement for the new G Master lens. It's a great lens.

7 ways to control the background and improve your photography

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens worked with model Jenly Crespo to show the importance of controlling the background in your images. In the video below, Morgan outlines seven different ways to control your background, including different camera settings, lighting techniques and compositions. These techniques will help you capture beautiful images, even when in places with bad or distracting backgrounds.

Tips for photographing in harsh light

With the video above, you can take good photos with bad backgrounds. But can you take good photos in bad light? Photographer Nigel Danson published a new video aimed at landscape photographers hoping to capture good photos outside of dawn and dusk. To see more of Danson's videos, click here.

Think differently about exposure

Photographer Andrew Marr thinks there's a better way to think about exposure than the traditional exposure triangle (shutter speed/ISO/aperture). In his new landscape photography tutorial, Marr describes exposure as a pizza or a pie. To learn what he means, watch his video below. While he doesn't think his tips will directly improve anyone's photography, per se, the more comfortable you are with the operational side of photography, the easier it is to capture great photos. To see more of Marr's educational videos and great landscape photography videos from the field, visit his YouTube channel.

Improve your seascape photography with simple, minimalist long exposure photography

Adam Karnacz, of First Man Photography went to the beach earlier this week to focus on seascape photography. As we join him in the field, he shares tips for capturing simple yet beautiful long exposure seascape images. To see more of Karnacz's work, follow him on Instagram.

4 tips for capturing sharp macro photos

Photographer Micael Widell believes there are four factors for taking sharp macro photos. You must focus accurately, minimize movement between the camera and subject, use a reasonably fast shutter speed and maximize your depth of field.

The ultimate 2021 DJI drone comparison

DJI has an extensive drone lineup. It can be difficult to select the right drone for your needs. Dan Watson published a new video comparing the DJI Mini 2, Air 2S, Mavic 2 Pro and FPV drones.

Creating a realistic sky swap with water reflection using Skylum's Luminar AI

Pye Jirsa teamed up with Skylum Software to showcase Luminar AI's ability to replace the sky in your images, even when you are working with an image that has water reflection. The ability to reflect a new sky in water is new to Luminar AI and takes the company's impressive sky replacement technology to new heights. As you can see in the video above, the software is incredibly impressive. To try it for yourself, head to Skylum.