In Other News: Spring photo ideas, luminosity masks, medium format photos on full-frame camera & more


posted Friday, May 14, 2021 at 10:30 AM EDT


10 creative spring photography ideas

Spring has sprung, and that means it's a great time to dust off the camera after a long, cold winter and take some photos. B&H published a new video this week featuring 10 creative spring photography ideas. Check it out below and get your creative juices flowing.

How to capture stunning water drop photos

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has gone hands-on with the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit to capture some waterdrop photos. The kit includes a MIOPS Splash, Splash holder and PC Sync Flash Cable. It is smartphone controllable, and you can adjust every water drop setting right from your phone. Check the kit out in action in Morgan's video below.

Easily create luminosity masks in Photoshop

Anthony Morganti published a new video this week showing how to create luminosity masks in Photoshop easily. His video outlines two methods to create and use luminosity masks in Photoshop to edit your photos. Luminosity masks allow for highly precise masks, which is great for making localized edits.

Capturing studio portrait photography using gels

Vanessa Joy and Adorama teamed up for a new video about creating beautiful portraits using studio speedlights. In the video below, Joy uses a Profoto A1X and colored gels to shoot some fun studio portraits, but you can, of course, use much less expensive studio lights to a similar effect.

Long exposure photography course with Attilio Ruffo – Episode 1: Equipment, technique and workflow

Photographer Attilio Ruffo kicked off a new long exposure photography video course on his YouTube channel this week. The first episode focuses on equipment, technique and workflow. If you don't have the equipment for long exposure photography, such as a neutral density filter, make sure to watch the full video to learn about a contest Ruffo is running. The winner will receive a NiSi Circular Long Exposure Filter Kit.

Shooting 'medium format' photos with a full-frame camera

Fotodiox has a rotating stitching adapter, the RhinoCam Vertex. It allows you to attach a medium format lens to a full-frame camera. You then take advantage of the large image circle afforded by medium format lenses and rotate your full-frame camera to capture four different images. You then stitch together on your computer. Mathieu Stern is a huge fan of the RhinoCam Vertex and published a new hands-on video.

Shooting portraits in the rain

With simple speedlights, you can capture dynamic portraits in the rain. In a new episode of 'Exploring Photography,' photographer Mark Wallace shows how he captures portraits in the rain, including compositional tips and different settings.

Fun fact: Zeiss lenses are named after birds

At the risk of exposing my poor understanding of Latin, it turns out that Zeiss lens families are named after birds. Over at PetaPixel, Michael Zhang wrote this week about different Zeiss lens families. The Touit lenses are named after band-tailed parrots. Otus is the largest genus of owls in terms of species, with about 45 known owls. Batis is a genus of small, agile songbirds found in Africa. Loxia, Zeiss' compact manual focus lenses, are named for the unusual 'crossbill' birds. Milvus DSLR lenses are named after a genus of kites found in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.