Street Scene 2021 Photo Contest: Submit your best street photos for a chance to win some great prizes! (Last Call for Entries!)


posted Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT

Today's the last day to enter your best candid street scene photos! Final Entry Deadline is Midnight (PDT) tonight. See the Contest Page for full entry details and the selection of great prizes!


Imaging Resource has, once again, teamed up with our sibling publication, Digital Photo, to co-host another photography contest, this time focused on the unique and varied art of candid street photography. The Street Scene 2021 Photo Contest is currently underway, and we've already received quite a few powerful and impressive entries, a few of which you can see below. 

Candid street photography is a very challenging but often quite rewarding genre of photography. This photographic art form is extremely varied, and there are many ways to go about capturing a powerful candid street photo. Perhaps you diligently wait for that opportune moment for your subject to pass precisely into the light just so. Or maybe you're skilled with quick reflexes, presetting your camera's exposure and focus, and ready to capture a fleeting moment or a memorable expression of a passerby as they breeze past. No matter the process, street photography takes a keen eye, determination, solid knowledge of your photo gear and often a quick reaction with your camera.

"Cuzzins" by David Vangelder (2021 content contender)
"Scanno" by Paolo Quadrini (2021 content contender)

If you are passionate about street photography, we urge you to submit your best shots in our 2021 Street Scene Photo Contest. As mentioned, the contest is underway, but there is still plenty of time to enter for a chance to win not only recognition but also some amazing prizes, including a $500 cash prize and some fantastic photo gear thanks to our wonderful contest sponsors!


Enter as many images as you would like between now and July 22. For the full details on the rules and how to enter as well as the full array of prizes, visit the Contest Page. If you'd like a little inspiration, too, check out the finalists from last year's contest or view the 2020 contest winners.