Canon shares additional product details and specs on upcoming high-end EOS R3 mirrorless camera


posted Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 12:00 AM EDT


While the camera world, and Canon fans in particular, eagerly await the debut of Canon's souped-up, super-performance EOS R3, the Japanese camera maker has today released a few more tidbits and additional specs about their forthcoming high-end mirrorless camera. In addition to some more images of the camera itself, which you can see throughout this article, Canon has also announced several features and capabilities, including details on its autofocusing system, image stabilization, burst shooting, movie recording and more physical features, such as controls, LCD screen and memory card compatibilities.

When it comes to autofocus, the new Canon EOS R3, with its strong emphasis on speed and performance, will likely have outstanding AF performance and tracking capabilities. We also already know that the R3 will build upon the excellent Dual Pixel CMOS AF systems used inside the EOS R5 and R6 camera, and Canon previously stated that the R3 will "offer new recognizable subjects for its AF system." We now know that the R3 will offer sophisticated subject recognition capabilities based on Deep Learning technology, beyond what the R5/R6 camera currently offers. The EOS R3 will offer improved face, eye, head and animal body detection, as well as -- for the first time in a Canon EOS camera -- motor vehicle subject recognition and tracking, including cars and motorcycles. This new functionality will allow the R3 to be even more capable for motorsports photographers.


Additionally, the EOS R3's AF system is said to be able to focus in extremely low light conditions, down to -7EV (the Canon R5 is rated down to -6EV, by comparison).

Another new detail regards the R3's in-body image stabilization. It wasn't previously known for certain if the R3 was going to offer IBIS, but given that the R5 and R6 both offered IBIS, it seemed quite likely that the R3 would as well. According to Canon, the EOS R3's IBIS system, when used in conjunction with optically stabilized RF lenses, will offer up to eight stops of coordinated stabilization. It is not yet know how much stabilization the IBIS unit alone can provide.


On the video side of things, we previously did not know much, if any of the camera's video specs. However, Canon has now unveiled that the EOS R3 will be able to record 4K video with Canon Log 3 support, offer oversampled 4K as well as internal RAW movie recording. Additional video resolutions, as well as video framerates, have not yet been announced.


When it comes to usability and physical features, we only previously had a couple of front-facing product images of the camera. Although we could infer that the camera likely had similar overall ergonomics and operability as Canon's flagship EOS 1D X Mark III camera. We now have a rear-facing shot of the camera. Not surprisingly, the camera is very similar to the 1DX III in terms of overall button layout and control scheme. Like the 1DX III, the R3 includes the touch-sensitive smart controller button (labeled AF-ON) and a joystick button ("multi-controller"). However, there a few notable changes, including an updated grip material covering both the front and rear surfaces. The EOS R3 also lacks a secondary sub-display on the back, unlike 1D-series cameras. One of the major design changes now is the inclusion of a fully-articulated touchscreen LCD monitor, a first for an EOS camera with an integrated vertical grip.


Further, the EOS R3 will offer dual card slots -- 1 CFExpress and 1 SD -- and will use the same LP-E19 rechargeable battery pack as the 1D X III. The camera's body is constructed out of magnesium alloy. In terms of networking and image transfer features, the Canon R3 will have both wired LAN and 5GHz Wi-Fi built-in. The camera also has a new accessory shoe that will "provide further options for data communication and power while also supporting new accessories." What those "new accessories" are, we don't yet know. In terms of Speedlite support, the R3 will be able to shoot with flash while using its electronic shutter at an unspecified sync rate.


That's all the new details so far. Canon has still not divulged pricing or availability information, though we expect to get more information about the EOS R3 as we approach the camera's official announcement.