In Other News: Landscapes in boring locations, tips from Chris Burkard, variable ND filters and more


posted Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 4:59 AM EST

Landscape photography in 'the world's most boring location'


Landscape photographer Thomas Heaton is fortunate to live by the ocean and have access to beautiful scenery. Many photographers aren't so lucky, and it's a common complaint among budding landscape photographers that they don't have anything to shoot. Heaton doesn't think that a 'boring' locale should hold you back, so he challenged himself to travel along 10 miles 'in the most boring landscape on Earth' and capture 10 images. They may not all be good, but was the exercise worthwhile?

Landscape photographer conversation between Dave Morrow and Alex Nail

Dave Morrow is a very talented landscape photographer in his own right and his YouTube channel features behind the scenes videos full of great photography and photo editing tips. Instead of focusing on his photography this week, Morrow had an hour-long conversation with a fellow landscape photographer, Alex Nail. It's an insightful conversation between two excellent photographers. Nail goes through his entire image creation process, so there are many useful tips and tricks throughout the video.

Chris Burkard on his experiences in the field and 5 nature photography tips

B&H published a couple of videos recently featuring photographer Chris Burkard. If you're not familiar with Burkard, he's a Sony Artisan focused on landscape, nature and travel photography. He's also passionate about extreme sports and wild adventures, which certainly informs much of his work. The first video below is part of B&H's '21 Questions' series. The second features five of Burkard's nature photography tips.

Adam Gibbs photographs spectacular light on Vancouver Island

Avid landscape photographers are all too aware that sometimes you get treated to great light, and other times you don't. It can sometimes feel like the latter happens much more than the former. For photographer Adam Gibbs this week, he struck gold with some superb light on Vancouver Island. Join him in the video below to see the beautiful landscape images he captured.

Fstoppers tests new versatile variable ND filters

Freewell recently launched a campaign on IndieGoGo for its new magnetic variable ND filter. The campaign has already exceeded its goal by more than $160,000. Fstoppers went hands-on with the filter in a new video.

Nick Carver compares CineStill 800T against Kodak Portra

At Imaging Resource, we're focused on digital photography. However, we like to take a look at film photography now and again. Many talented photographers are working with analog photographic techniques, including Nick Carver. I'm a big fan of his work and his YouTube videos. In a new video, Carver compares CineStill 800T film versus the venerable Kodak Portra. If you're into film or just want to see some cool images, check out Carver's video below.

Too close to a wildlife subject? Try a panorama

Wildlife photographer Steve Perry sometimes finds himself too close to a wildlife subject. He knows, and we know too, that this problem is far less common than the issue of being too far away from a subject. Nonetheless, it is possible to be too close to an animal to capture your ideal photo. So, what can you do? You can do a wildlife panorama. In the video below, Perry shows how to capture wildlife panoramas in the field and process them on your computer.

5 tips to instantly improve your portrait photography

In a new episode of 'Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey' on Adorama, Hoey shows five ways you can instantly improve your portrait photography. If you want to take better portraits, check it out.