In Other News: Sharpening and NR in Lightroom, portrait lighting, landscape camera settings & more


posted Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST


A guide to sharpening and noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom

Anthony Morganti has published a full guide to sharpening and noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom. In the video below, Morganti covers all of the settings and sliders you need to know about for adding detail and reducing visible noise in your photos.

1970s glam fashion shoot with Lindsay Adler

Photographer Lindsay Adler recently did a 1970s-inspired glam fashion shoot for Adorama TV. In the video, we go behind the scenes with Adler to set up the photoshoot and lighting. As a Canon Explorer of Light, it's no surprise that Adler used Canon gear during her shoot, including a Canon R5 camera and Canon RF 50mm f/1.2 lens.

Capturing the character of trees with woodland photography

Simon Baxter is one of the most talented woodland photographers out there. If you've ever tried woodland photography, you know how difficult it is to create a cohesive, flowing image from a busy woodland scene. There are trees and branches everywhere, and it's challenging to find the right composition. In a new video, Baxter not only finds wonderful scenes in the woods, but he also focuses on the character of individual trees, some of them hundreds of years old. As he puts it, the trees are 'ecologically significant and great fun to photograph!' To see more of Baxter's work, be sure to visit his website.

How to remove powerlines in Lightroom

Anthony Morganti is making a second appearance in this roundup with a new video about removing powerlines from your photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Obviously, power grids are important, but it is very frustrating when powerlines ruin an otherwise excellent image. Being able to remove them quickly can not only save your shots, but it may also give you the confidence to captures images you might otherwise not have bothered to.

Taking photos of Australia from the sky with Andrew Marr

Photographer Andrew Marr recently took to the skies over Australia for some aerial photography with fellow photographers Matt Fields and Jarrad Parker. In the video below, we not only get to see some awesome scenes and photos but also learn from Marr about his aerial photography workflow. Marr went up with two Nikon cameras, a Nikon Z7 with a 14-30mm f/4 S lens, and a Nikon D850 and 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom lens. He typically shoots with the widest aperture, and his shutter speed ranges from 1/1250s to 1/1600s. You need to have a faster shutter speed to compensate for the speed and shake of the plane. Marr shoots continuously and with auto ISO.

How to get a natural look when using fill flash in a backlit portrait

If you need to use fill flash for a backlit portrait, how do you get the flash to look soft and natural? This is the question photographer Vanessa Joy answers in a video for Adorama TV.

A simple 1 or 2 light setup for portrait photography

Profoto sent Lee Morris of Fstoppers some of its new lighting gear to try out, and Morris made a video showing off a simple one or two-light setup for portrait photography. It shows that you don't need a huge selection of lights or a complicated setup to get excellent results.

Camera settings and composition across four landscape locations in Denmark

Mads Peter Iversen checked off four locations from his Danish landscape photography bucket list earlier this month and took us along on the journey in a new video. As Iversen visits each location, he goes through his thought process for lens selection, composition and camera settings.

Photographing the Rewoods, Spring 2021 trip with Ben Horne

So far this month, large format wilderness photographer Ben Horne has published a pair of videos from his spring trip to the Redwoods in northern California. The videos include some great behind-the-scenes footage and offer a neat look at Horne's workflow with large format analog photography.

How to prevent washed out background color in a small studio

When working in a small studio space, how do you prevent flash from affecting the ambient light? In a small space, lights can bounce all over the place, disrupting your lighting setup and making it difficult to capture the shot you want. In a new episode of 'Ask David Bergman' on Adorama TV, Bergman shows how to deal with bouncing light in a small space.

The 8 special blend modes in Adobe Photoshop explained in under 3 minutes

Jesús Ramirez of Photoshop Training Channel has a new video outlining the eight special blend modes in Photoshop. The blending modes are 'special' because they behave differently when opacity is adjusted versus fill. The special blending modes are Color Burn, Linear Burn, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge (Add), Vivid Light, Linear Light, Hard Mix and Difference.