In Other News: Capture One workflow, sRGB vs. Adobe RGB, 50 years in the Galapagos and more


posted Friday, July 30, 2021 at 11:30 AM EDT


Capture One editing workflow with Emily Teague

Adorama teamed up with photographer Emily Teague for a roughly 30-minute video tutorial on a good Capture One workflow for basic editing. In the video below, Teague covers workspaces and customization, tools in the Exposure tab, color grading, healing and how you can use Capture One's excellent color editing tools to take your work to the next level. To view more of Emily Teague's work, follow her on Instagram.

Serge Ramelli edits a GFX 100S RAW file in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photographer Serge Ramelli has recently gotten his hands on Fujifilm's 100-megapixel medium format camera, the GFX 100S. In the video below, Ramelli pushes a RAW file from the impressive camera to its limit, recovering considerable shadow and highlight detail in Adobe Lightroom. Ramelli then goes into Photoshop and replaces the bland sky with a new, dramatic sky.

Removing noise from wildlife photos

ON1 recently released its new noise reduction software, ON1 NoNoise AI. The software promises impressive results. To show off its new product, ON1 has been releasing various tutorial videos on its YouTube channel, including the one below about removing noise from wildlife photos. We've got a copy of ON1 NoNoise AI here at Imaging Resource and will be writing a hands-on review soon. In the meantime, you can try the software for yourself.

5 tips for wildlife photography from a boat

Wildlife photographer Lisa Langell recently teamed up with B&H for a video all about capturing wildlife photos from a boat. In the video below, Langell discusses optimal camera settings, the proper camera gear and more. If you're curious, her gear of choice is a Canon EOS R5 camera and Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 lens. If you'd like to see more of Langell's excellent wildlife photography, check her out on Instagram.

Flash photography fundamentals with John Greengo

In a recent class with Creative Live, John Greengo taught the fundamentals of photography. In a published excerpt, seen below, Greengo discusses the fundamentals of flash photography. It's only a short clip, but there's some great info in there.

Profoto Live – Broad and short light

Speaking of light, last week, Profoto held a livestream about broad light and short light. In the stream, you can learn about these different lighting techniques, how to set them up and how to use them in your photography.

Mads Peter Iversen answers difficult landscape photography questions

In a new video, Mads Peter Iversen answers a bunch of difficult and challenging questions about his landscape photography. For example, if he could use only one lens, what would it be and what are his biggest struggles as a landscape photographer? Some of the questions are more fun, like what's Iversen's favorite time of day and season to photograph and what is his most-used tool during post-processing?

Water droplet photography, from gear to editing with Brian Linhoff

As part of its virtual Event Space, B&H recently hosted photographer Brian Linhoff to discuss water droplet photography, including the gear you need and how to edit your photos. Water droplet photography is a fun photo project you can do right at home. To see more from Linhoff, he's published a few articles over at the Sigma Blog.

sRGB or Adobe RGB – Which should you use?

In a new episode of Ask David Bergman, people want to know, should you use sRGB or Adobe RGB for your photography workflow? It's a common question, as it's not immediately obvious in camera what each option means. In the video below, Bergman discusses what color spaces are and the advantages and disadvantages for sRGB and Adobe RGB. If you've ever been confused about this option in your camera, it's a must-watch.

Shooting straight into the Sun

Photographer Thomas Heaton has been spending more time out with his Hasselblad 501cm film camera. Earlier this week, he hit the road for analog landscape photography in Northumberland, using Kodak Ektar 100 film.

50 years of photographing the Galapagos Islands with Tui De Roy M

We're wrapping up this week's roundup with a great presentation from B&H Optic 2021. Wildlife and nature photographer and conservationist Tui De Roy has spent five decades photographing the beautiful Galapagos Islands. Over that time, she learned a lot, captured many fantastic photos, and did critically important work to protect an at-risk environment. So, sit back and enjoy nearly an hour of excellent wildlife photography.