Serif announces 1.10 update for Affinity Photo, promising significant performance improvements


posted Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT


Serif has announced new updates to its suite of Affinity creative apps, including Affinity Photo.

Affinity's apps were among the first to offer native Apple silicon support following the release of M1 Macs late last year. Serif has gone further with its major 1.10 update by performing a total rewrite of its software's memory management. The optimizations have dramatic performance implications, with some tasks now being up to 10 times quicker. Serif writes, 'The improvements in version 1.10 have been placed right at the heart of the software, meaning you can do more, faster, whether you're using Affinity on Mac, Windows PC or iPad.'


Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif says, 'We're proud that the Affinity apps already offer class-leading speeds in many tasks, and for our latest update we wanted to take a step back and really see what further levels of performance we could achieve. It's turned out that some of those optimizations have had a huge impact, particularly on very large complex documents.'

Thanks to the rewrite of memory management, users not only can perform tasks quicker, but it's also now possible to work on significantly larger documents without suffering any performance hits. Hewson continues, 'We completely reimagined our memory-handling architecture and the result is that there's really no limit to the size of document you can work on while maintaining that stunning performance.'


While all its creative apps, including Publisher and Design, have undergone app-specific updates, let's consider Affinity Photo. It has received extensive performance improvements, including improved efficiency when blending layers. Users should also be able to work more easily with huge files with many layers. Generally, performance is improved across the board.

Affinity Photo key features (desktop)

Existing users can download the 1.10 update for free. If you're interested in becoming a new user, you can learn more about Affinity Photo here. Affinity Photo is available for macOS, Windows and iPadOS. The versions for Mac and Windows are $49.99, and the iPad version of Affinity Photo is $19.99. Affinity's software has no subscription, you simply buy it, and that's it.

(Via MacRumors