Capture One announces Capture One 21 to 22 upgrade path promotion


posted Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM EST


Capture One has announced a special upgrade path for new purchasers of Capture One 21 ahead of Capture One 22's launch in December. From today through October 4 at 6:00 PM ET, if you purchase a license for Capture One 21, you will receive Capture One 22 for free as soon as it's available. Traditionally, to upgrade from one version of Capture One to another, there's an upgrade fee.

While we don't have many details yet about Capture One 22, we know two of its major features, thanks to a development update last month. Capture One 22 will include long-awaited, oft-requested HDR merging and panorama stitching tools. In addition to these new features, users can expect various other new tools, improvements and optimizations.


Capture One is available as a lifetime license option and as part of a subscription plan. Capture One 22 and any other Capture One updates are available immediately and at no additional charge for those who subscribe. However, not all users like subscription models. For those users, you can purchase a lifetime license for Capture One and receive all updates to that major release. Capture One 21 costs $299 for a license. Capture One for Fujifilm, Sony and Nikon are also available for $199 each, allowing users to save $100 if their workflow only comprises RAW files from a single camera brand.

HDR merging will be featured in Capture One 22 when it launches this December

If you take advantage of Capture One's new promotion and purchase a license for Capture One 21 during the limited window, you immediately receive Capture One 21 and will be able to use the same license key to download Capture One 22 for free when it's available. Any Styles and user settings can be carried over to the new release, although Capture One recommends performing a backup.

If you're not sure if Capture One 21 (and the upcoming 22 release) are a good fit for your workflow, you can download a free trial from Capture One and give the software a try.

Panorama stitching is also coming to Capture One 22

To stay up to date with Capture One and the upcoming Capture One 22 release, stay tuned to Imaging Resource.