LEE Filters announces LEE Elements, new series of high-performance circular filters


posted Monday, November 1, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT


LEE Filters has announced the LEE Elements range, a new series of high-performance circular filters. LEE is well known for its square and rectangular filters and specialized products like filter holders for various popular wide-angle lenses. The company is expanding its range with quick-to-deploy circular filters for photographers and videographers.

' With LEE Elements, we're bringing our experience and know-how to a new range of quick and easy-to-use circular filters, providing the quality and performance that customers expect from LEE in a form factor that can streamline their creative process, whether they're capturing stills or video,' said LEE Filters Managing Director Paul Mason. 'With the quality of the glass and the high-performance coatings across the range, LEE Elements offers photographers and videographers class-leading optical performance.'

LEE Elements variable neutral-density filter (2-5 strength in 82mm size)

LEE Elements filters are available in four standard sizes of 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, covering many enthusiast- and pro-oriented lenses across the major camera systems. In the LEE Elements line, there are five filter types: Little Stopper (offering six stops of light reduction), Big Stopper (10 stops of light reduction), CPL (circular polarizer), and two densities of VND (variable neutral density) filters providing 2-5 or 6-9 stops of light reduction.

This marks the first time LEE has offered its Stopper filters in a circular format. The Stopper filters can be stacked as well for even longer exposure photography. You can stack CPL and VND filters on top of a Stopper, as well.

The new circular filters are equipped with LEE's highest quality multilayer-coated optics and promise class-leading optical performance, including when using wide-angle lenses. In addition to specialized coatings, the LEE Elements line includes hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings like those found on Panavision's PanaND filters and LEE's ProGlass Cine IRND filters.

LEE Elements circular polarizing (CPL) filter (82mm)

The filters feature a black anodized aluminum frame and promise ease of use, even when wearing gloves. The CPL and VND filters incorporate differentiated grip patterns to tell which is which without looking. The VND filters have marked numeric stop positions. Each LEE Elements filter comes with an impact-resistant hard case and custom foam insert.

'LEE Elements will introduce new customers who might still be in the early stages of their image-making journeys to the high-quality, rugged and easy-to-use filter systems that LEE is known for,' Mason said. 'As those image makers continue in their creative pursuits, we'll be there to further support them across a whole range of lenses with our LEE85, LEE100 and SW150 filter systems for still photography and our ProGlass Cine IRND line of neutral-density filters for cinematography. Whether a customer is shooting stills or video content, LEE Elements offers a versatile solution that empowers them to simply go and create.'

LEE Elements CPL filter (82mm)

LEE Elements is available through authorized LEE Filters retailers and through LEE Direct. Prices are currently available in pound sterling and range from £162 to £282, which for reference is equivalent to around $220 to $382, although we expect US pricing to be different. For more information, visit LEE Filters.