ZY Optics announces new Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm F1.5 lens for Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE and Leica M mount


posted Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 3:15 PM EST


Zhong Yi Optics, also known as ZY Optics, has announced the Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm F1.5 lens for Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE and Leica M mount. The full-frame manual focus prime lens promises high-end image quality at a much lower price than similar autofocus-equipped lenses. At $599 to $649, the Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm F1.5 is certainly more affordable than some F1.4 and F1.8 lenses.

The lens promises distortion-free images, well-controlled color artifacts and soft bokeh. The circular aperture diaphragm, which is manually controlled with a physical ring on the lens barrel, has nine blades. Optically, the lens includes nine elements across six groups, including two extra-low dispersion elements.


The APO lens is built using a metal lens barrel. In addition to the physical aperture control, the lens barrel includes a wide focus, ridged focus ring. The lens can focus as close as 110cm (3.61'), which results in a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.09x. The barrel also includes a depth of field scale. The lens is 102mm (4.02") long and has a maximum diameter of 74mm (2.91"). The lens includes a 67mm filter thread. The 90mm F1.5 prime weighs 770 grams (1.7 lbs.).

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm F1.5 lens is available now. The lens is available in black for Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts for $599. The Leica M version is also available in silver. Both colors for Leica M mount cost $649. The Leica M version also offers autofocus capabilities via third-party AF adapters. To purchase the lens, visit ZY Optics